5 Reasons I love Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

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Fisher-Price has built a solid reputation as a go-to brand for children’s products. Whether it’s toys or cribs, they consistently deliver on quality and affordability. So, it’s no surprise that their bassinets are top-notch too.

When I began shopping for baby gear, I wanted to purchase quality products for my baby. I knew that I could trust Fisher-Price to create products I could feel good about buying for her. The Soothing Motions Bassinet is a great buy, and as of writing is only $149 on Amazon! This is truly a bargain for baby gear. Bassinets are short term use gear, so overpaying seems ridiculous to me. I try to be frugal but purchase gear that will create a comfortable beginning for my child.

I want her to be happy and comfortable, but some gear does not measure up to its value. Soothing Motions Bassinet more than measures up! It not only creates a comfortable resting space without placing her in her crib, but it also allows her to be stimulated by the light projections and mobile. It has many features and selling points, so let’s take a look at a few, and then I will let you know why I like it! 

Why I love Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

fisher price soothing motions baby

There are many features and things to like about this mobile. Some of the things I like about the mobile are the advertised features, but there are things that people may not consider when purchasing a bassinet. Here are the top five things I like about the Fisher-Price Soothings Motions Bassinet. 

1. Very Easy to Assemble

Parents have enough to worry about without having complicated gear to assemble. This bassinet is easy to put together and feels secure once completed. When looking for a bassinet, I saw a review or two that complained about the bassinet feeling wobbly or insecure. However, this bassinet feels more secure than others I have seen. 

2. The rocking motion

There are many bassinets on the market that vibrate or manually rock, but this bassinet has a unique rocking motion. The rocking motion is smooth and soothing and not jerky and harsh. Babies are gently rocked rather than startled. My daughter loved this motion, and it helped me soothe her back to sleep during the late-night feedings. 

3. Portability and Convenience 

I am not a tall person, so sometimes baby gear is either too tall or simply uncomfortable to use. This bassinet is great for the height and can be moved into any room or area without difficulty. I can keep the baby near the bed when needed or in the living room if I want.

For infant parents, we often want to keep the baby close during naptimes or in the first few weeks after arriving home. I felt comfortable moving my baby’s bassinet to keep her close. This may be my favorite thing about the bassinet. I liked keeping my daughter in my room in the beginning, and this bassinet allowed me to do that while keeping her crib in her room. 

4. Nightlight: Great tool for nursing

Fisher Price Soothing Motions Light

This bassinet has a soft nightlight that makes it helpful for late-night feedings. Your baby will not be disturbed by harsh lights, but you can see in a dark room when necessary. It only stays on a limited amount of time, but many lights on other baby gear are too bright or too dark. This light was perfect for my family.

When your baby is not using the bassinet at night, you can move the light to a dresser or shelf in the bedroom to create a nightlight while he or she is in the crib. I used the bassinet for a few weeks after she started sleeping in her crib, and the consistency of light was fantastic. 

5. The Most Functional Bassinet 

fisher-price Soothing Motions Bassinet Easy Assembly

This bassinet is functional beyond being a resting spot for my baby. I love that it not only includes storage space underneath but that it allows parents to move the mobile away when picking the baby up or putting him or her down. I did not have to struggle to navigate around the mobile when putting my child down to rest. She could enjoy the mobile without me having to remove it and replace it every time we moved. I could also store extra clothes, diapers, and wipes underneath so that when I used it in another room, I had the supplies I needed. 

What I do not like about this bassinet

This bassinet may seem beyond perfect. I have told you the remarkable features and the things that I like, but that does not mean that everything is spectacular. There are a few features that I do not like as well. 

  • The lock feature is not as much a lock as it is a Velcro strap. While it does hinder the sway, it could be steadier after use. This feature is a bit exaggerated for the bassinet. However, the movement that still occurs is not enough to wake my baby, so I really did not mind that it was not very secure.
  • The shelf is fantastic, but it would be nice if it had sides, more like a bin than a shelf. If I wanted to move the bassinet, I had to remove anything stored underneath, move the bassinet, replace the stored items, and then place the baby in the bassinet. Sometimes this was more work than I was interested in doing. 

Would I Buy it Again? 

Yes, I would rebuy this bassinet! I have passed it on to other family members for their infants. This bassinet is comfortable for both parents and infants. The few features that did not live up to my expectations were not enough to prevent me from enjoying this product. In the future, I may not use the shelf as much, and I will know what to expect with the lockout feature.

However, the convenience, ease of assembly, rocking motion, nightlight, and general functionality are superb for this product. I encourage you to research it for your own use. Please note that some children will not like it because babies are individuals that like different things. The same is true with any baby gear. Sometimes parents complain because my child loved something and theirs hated it. My children hated pacifiers, but I have had other family members who had to beg and trick their children into giving them up. This is because children are individuals. 

Bottom Line

  • Sway Motion can be activated by an adult or by the baby’s movement
  • Adaptive light- Dual-mode light that allows parents to choose between projection and nightlight. The projection light can also be removed and used on a tabletop.
  • Lockout feature- parents can lock the sway feature when necessary.
  • 30-minute timer for vibrations, music, and sounds
  • Flat Sleeping Surface
  • Projected light images stimulate baby
  • Soft sides
  • Overhead mobile

These are just the features that Fisher-Price lists. The bassinet is designed to meet the needs of many parents. It is lightweight and easy to assemble. There are three soft-color designs to choose from. This bassinet is not just for rest; the mobile and projection lights both stimulate your child and enhance learning. The ability to rest and relax will enhance child learning. Rest has been scientifically proven to allow the brain time to create connections and reinforce learning.

While this bassinet is safe and secure, we must mention that you should never use any bassinet once children can push up on hands and knees.

How does it compare to other bassinets?

While there are many bassinets on the market, the Halo Swivel Sleeper is a popular alternative. I have examined the Halo to see how it measures up to the Fisher-Price Soother. The Halo Swivel Sleeper is similar in functionality to the Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet. However, I would choose the Fisher-Price over the Halo. Here are a few reasons that I like the Fisher-Price better. 

  • Partiality. I am somewhat brand loyal, and I tend to like Fisher-Price better anyway. This factor, however, is not a selling point for most people. I understand that. However, it does have a higher overall rating.
  • Price. For a piece of equipment that I will not use often, I prefer to purchase less expensive equipment if it is not significantly better. This bassinet is $329. At almost $200 more expensive, the features simply do not add up. 
  • Storage. The side pockets on the Halo are not as generous as the Fisher-Price shelf. Since they are pockets, they keep items secure, but much less can be stored inside. 
  • The light. The only light available is the nightlight on the Halo. The projector and removability make the light on the Fisher-Price superior. 
  • Mobile. The Halo does not have a mobile at all. You can probably use your own mobile in some way, but this bassinet does not come equipped with one. 

The bottom line is that the Halo is more expensive, but it does not have more features. Price does not indicate the efficacy of the bassinet. Fisher-Price Soothings Motions Bassinet is far superior to the others on the market for the price.