5 Reasons Why I love Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer

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To find the best crib mattress for their little one, moms and dads spend a lot of time asking family, friends, and surfing websites. I did too. I spent several nights with the Macbook in our bed before our two kids arrived.

In this article, I wanted to explain in detail the key factors that were useful to me when it came to my decision, valuable information that I discovered, especially from other moms, and the questions I had and was able to find answers to. Particularly, I will share the reasons why I love the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer mattress. If you are looking for a mattress that changes your baby’s quality of sleep, from newborn to toddler, I am convinced that this is the best option on the market.

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer

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Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Crib Mattress

Size 52″ L x 27.5″ W x 5″ H

4.4 Stars – Bed Bath & Beyond

My Initial Doubts and Questions

Most likely, at this point you know that there are two major types of crib mattresses: those with one side and a particular use; and those with two sides, called 2-stage or dual-firmness mattresses, which can be used for longer. For the sake of convenience and price, since having my baby in 2016, I knew that I needed a dual-sided mattress. I wanted one purchase that would last until I needed to think about a larger bed. I think that this is the first factor that helped me limit my search and focus on dozens rather than the hundreds of the mattresses that there are on the market.

There are two factors that you have probably also discovered by now: price and quality/safety. Mattresses with good quality materials and certifications are between the range of 100 and 200 dollars nowadays (I don’t recommend taking the risk of going below 100). Of course, there is an area of premium mattresses like the Naturepedic or the Newton which cost over 250 dollars. These have characteristics directed towards a very specific niche of parents, but also have very high prices.

In my nights of searching, I found that for under 200 dollars there are high-quality mattresses, made with safe materials, and with all of the benefits that I was hoping for my child to have. If you do the same research there is a mattress that will show up over and over again: the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer.

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I trusted that I had done my homework as a super-organized mom (and a first-time mom at that time!), but I still had a few uncertainties. On one hand, I knew the adult mattress brands and Moonlight Slumber wasn’t on my radar. That was an easy uncertainty to resolve. In stores, forums, and with a few friends, I discovered that they are widely recognized because they are specialists in beds for babies.

However, my greatest uncertainty, and what “kept me up at night”, was that the Little Dreamer is a “foam” mattress. Would it be safe for my baby? Would it be too soft, and therefore risky? Isn’t that the same material that is used for cheap mattresses with bad ratings? As you will see, I was able to completely overcome these uncertainties. Now I’ll tell you my experience and what I was able to discover with moms who have used this mattress.

In summary, my experience with my two children and the mattress that I chose for them was, fortunately, completely positive. It ended in a totally comfortable sleep experience for them, and therefore also for me and my husband (well, most nights). And without further ado I want to share with you, the five reasons why I love the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer crib mattress.

First Reason: No Sinking, No Sagging

Lots of moms often complain that they bought a mattress that forms lumps within a few months. I know plenty of cases, as much with cheap mattresses as others that are more expensive. So, one of my non-negotiable conditions for a mattress for my babies was NO sag.

So the Moonlight Slumber doesn’t sink? That’s right. Your daughter or son can use it until toddlerhood, sleeping for hours on it, and it won’t sag whatsoever. It feels very good when you push your hand into the mattress. And it stays that way on both sides, the infant side, and the toddler side. My second son didn’t use the toddler side much since he became very tall.

Second Reason: Foam? Yes! I love This Type of Foam

As I told you before, my primary uncertainty when I was looking at this mattress was the fact that it was made of foam. As you know, one fundamental recommendation for a baby mattress is that it be firm. So I had it in my head and luckily corrected myself, that I should stay away from any mattress that said it was comfortable. Forget it. Mattress producers for babies—the serious ones—go through years of certification for their products. The Moonlight has certification after certification that shows that it meets standards of quality and safety. It isn’t just any old 50 dollar foam mattress.

With my 2016 baby, I learned each night what uncomfortable sleep was. I didn’t want to repeat that experience in 2018. And I have no complaints with the Little Dreamer. It delivers in firmness and safety. Furthermore, it is truly designed for a baby to sleep comfortably. Moms and dads are thankful for it.

Third Reason: Super Light and Easy to Clean

Worried about potty accidents, especially at night? This mattress is very easy to clean and very light. As first-time parents, my husband and I would get hung up on these types of natural occurrences. But with a mattress as easy to clean as the Moonlight, you are prepared for the struggle, and it makes your life easier.

The Little Dreamer material is water, odor, and stain-resistant. It’s made of a strong medical grade knit fabric. Simply running a damp cloth over it cleans it completely. The good thing is that because of this, there is no need to use chemical cleaners that could later affect your baby.

Fourth Reason: Unbeatable Balance Between Quality and Price

When I began looking for a mattress for my first son, I didn’t know much a good mattress was worth. I had seen many at Walmart for $60, $80 or even $50. I thought at first that over $100 was a lot of money. And no, clearly that isn’t true. The range of prices is much larger. There are premium mattresses that are worth more than $300. Some, like the Naturepedic or the Newton, have characteristics that may be beneficial for some parents. Below $100, it is very hard to find a truly good quality mattress for your little one.

The Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer is in the $150-$190 zone. After the first search that I made and the experience with my two children, I understood that it was completely justified to invest each dollar in that range. Babies spend a lot of time sleeping on them, and their mattress is the thing that they are closest to during the beginnings of their lives! On the other hand, it is always better to buy a mattress that lasts longer, as it’s a better investment. The Little Dreamer is for 2 stages, with two different sides; one for the first months of babyhood and one for when they become a toddler. I wouldn’t say that it is a bargain, but I am convinced that it offered the best price-quality ratio for my family.

The Most Fundamental Reason

If your baby got a super-quiet sleep for 8 hours straight or more, chances are that several ingredients were fulfilled. And when it happened, sometimes we don’t know what the ideal mixture was. Well, I give lots of credit to the crib mattress when your baby, as it happened with mine, goes from waking up over and over during the night to sleeping 6.5 hours at once. When all of this happens after you change to a more comfortable mattress, you would inevitably give credit to the mattress. The Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer produces those types of results for lots of families, as you can see on forums and the numerous 5-star ratings from enthusiastic buyers on Amazon.

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After reading those comments, I can see that some people say that the mattress is hard. This isn’t true. It’s firm, which is crucial for baby mattresses. But, it is softer than the vast majority. Without a doubt, it is one of the most comfortable on the market, especially for its price range. It would even be wonderful if Moonlight Slumber decided to make adult mattresses. I would love to sleep 11 hours at once!

Bottom Line

Of course, I can imagine some cases in which I wouldn’t recommend this mattress. If your budget really can’t exceed 150 dollars, you will have to sacrifice some characteristics that the Moonlight Slumber has. I would, perhaps, recommend that you look for a one-sided mattress, and this Lullabybot guide can help you with that. If, on the other hand, you can invest in a premium mattress without worries about the mattress being around 300 dollars, you can find some innovations in materials and other qualities with the Naturepedic or the Newton.

Neither of these cases applied to me when I was a first-time mother. It seemed like my mania for being organized led me to find the ideal mattress for my baby in the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer. It was largely that. But also I remember very useful pieces of advice from other moms. For example, I can’t forget that on one of the forums that I read, almost daily, a very frank and excited mom told her experience with the Little Dreamer and ended it by saying: “I would buy it without a doubt, and without thinking twice about it”. Those types of comments gave me peace when it came to the purchase and, as I have already told you, I just love the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer.

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Medium
Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer
  • Peace of Mind
  • Price / Quality: Best Balance
  • Easy to Clean / Super lightweight
  • No sagging

Bonus: A Comparison with Another Highly Recommended Mattress

There are hundreds of mattresses for babies available on the market nowadays. If we are looking for quality, price range, and characteristics for dual-sided mattresses, there are truly only a few that meet those demanding standards. If I ask myself which alternative I would recommend, I would say that a crib mattress which is very similar to the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer is the Colgate Eco Classic III.

Both mattresses are very similar in terms of the quality of materials and the excellent ratings on forums and stores. They are long-lasting mattresses with two different sides of firmness. Their price is also very similar, though the Colgate is slightly more expensive.

Colgate has created a product with materials which, though they aren’t completely organic, are close to the demands of some parents concerning this aspect. However, the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer also meets excellent specifications to avoid toxic emissions, and it is a mattress that is certified by Greenguard. It outshines Colgate on three fronts: it’s more comfortable, easier to keep clean, and it costs a few dollars less. So, my fundamental decision and love for the Little Dreamer don’t change.

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