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We’ve been there, too. Wondering when my baby will sleep through the night?

By Videvo

Getting your little one to sleep well and safe can be tough, but there are strategies, solutions, and tips so your baby and you get some rest.

At LullabyBot, our mission is simple, to make it easy for parents to create healthy sleep patterns for your baby.

Our team is made up of moms, and dads, with amazing kids. We bring you the highest quality posts, reviews, and analysis of methods and products that parents need. We focus on helpful solutions to common baby sleep and sleep safety issues, and usually, we publish in-depth reviews and comparisons of products to really give you useful advice.

I’m Lucie Basset, a psychologist and a mom of two. That’s why I’m very passionate about everything related to the good sleep of children. I run the editorial board of LullabyBot.

We are incredibly excited to be here for you, helping you along to care your little one’s sweet dream.

If you would like to reach us, please don’t hesitate to use our contact page.